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If you are looking for ant control treatment, then hire Local Pest Control in Gosnells offers a leading solution for all the ant problems. Our experts have the best treatment plan tailored according to the customer’s needs. We provide a non-toxic treatment that is safe for kids as well as pets and people living or working on the premises. Various types of treatments are provided by our specialists from the fumigation process to treatment pre-construction so that the existing ants in the premises can be controlled and your property remains pest-free. You can rely on our highly trained specialists for effective ant control treatment as they have specialized knowledge in this field. You can request an appointment today and get rid of the ants by calling us at 08 6109 8196.

Residential Ant Control Treatment

Best Ant Control Methods That We Use

There are different varieties of ants all around the world, to effectively treat the infested area, firstly, the type of ant needs to be identified. The type of treatment option needs to be done depending on the species of ants or on the size of the infestation. Also, it depends on whether the infestation is indoors or outdoors. Our licensed exterminators will identify the colony and determine the best option for ant control. A few of the most common methods for best ant control services are fumigation, trap and glue method, or tracing the ants and sealing the access points. In fumigation, the solution is sprayed all over the infected area. In the trap and glue method, traps are laid near the access point so that they get trapped on the glue sheet. The last method is tracing the ants and identifying their access point and sealing up all the access points to restrict their entrance.

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